Role:  Design, research, strategy
Project duration:  48 hours (1.26.24 - 1.28.24)
Results:  Prototype, working MVP, 1st place out of 8 teams
This was my first time participating in a hackathon. I found out about it from the SF IRL newsletter and showed up not knowing anybody and without much experience with fintech. I was very nervous but I wanted to learn, meet new people and try something new. I'm very glad I did!
On the first day I met Nelson Lai, who was a fantastic project partner:
We discussed several ideas and agreed on one to pursue using the criteria below, which took about an hour.
We decided to analyze financial data (SEC filings and news) sourced from OpenBB, a sponsor of the hackathon.
In order to understand what we should design and build around SEC filings and news, I conducted research on the latest developments in sentiment analysis for SEC filings, and individual investors' experiences with reading and analyzing financial data and news. I didn't have enough time to conduct user interviews, so this was the best I could do in a short amount of time.
I also conducted competitive analysis on existing tools that investors are using to analyze financial data.
After sharing updates on research and technical feasibility, we defined our goal as the following:
We decided to target both individual and institutional investors in order to cover a larger market. This meant that our product would have to be advanced enough for institutional investors yet intuitive enough for individual investors. The branding and UI would also have to be suitable for both B2B and B2C.
After jotting down a few different ideas, I settled on the following user flow for the wireframes:
The prototype below includes the Home, View Stock, and Ask Nelson. I didn't get the chance to wireframe View Chart but that would be a next step!
We didn't have enough time to implement the frontend designs, but below is a demo of the product in action:
Huge thank yous to the judges for their time, to Nelson Lai for working hard on the engineering side, and to MindsDB and OpenBB for organizing. I had an amazing time building and designing with everyone 👩🏻‍💻💚

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