Laviendere is a fictional brand for dainty jewelry, clothing, and accessories. I have always loved fashion, and I chose the name Laviendere because lavender is my favorite color and my mom’s favorite flower, and it sounds like “La Vie En Rose,” which is one of my favorite songs and sayings. It represents looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, which is a reminder to look for the beauty and joy in life no matter where you are or what is happening.
Color Palette
My logo is a combination logo with an “L” symbol as well as the name “Laviendere” below it. I chose it because I have always loved the look of the cursive L, and the petals on the wreath are reminiscent of lavender petals. I received feedback that people liked the wreath as it gave the logo a classy elegant look, and I should include the brand’s full name so people know what it’s called. I also changed the shape of the curves and taper of the L to make it fit more seamlessly into the circle. I want my audience to think of my logo as elegant, dainty, and classy, and I designed the logo to convey this message.
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